1933 Industries Inc. (OTCMKTS:TGIFF) has reported that they have received the Nevada Department of Taxation and Clark County approvals permitting the company totransfer its cultivation licenses to the new cultivation facility. This means the company has achieved the requisite steps to commence the transfer of cannabis plants.

Approvals enable transfer of cultivation licenses

Legal Counsel and Executive Vice President Caleb Zobrist stated that the company has been working closely with the State of Nevada and Clark County authorities for a smooth transfer of its cultivation licenses from the old facility to the current new one.He added that since the company now has licenses in place it will start cultivation operations on its new facility immediately.

So far all the work in the site has been completed and the company will commence the transfer of cannabis plants to the new facility. This included around 200 moms and 5,000 clones that are supposed to populate the facility with the goal of completing six rooms or two full zones in the first phase within a week. It is expected that the clones will vegetate for around four weeks prior to the flowering cycle.

New facility to produce 700-800 lbs. of flower per month

The Cultivation Director Tim Spencer stated that the company is currently acclimatizing the plants to be transferred in new rooms to make sure that life support systems such as irrigation, humidity, lighting, and temperature controls are optimally performing as designed. After the new facility starts to function fully and all systems are optimized, 1933 Industries will be in position to produce between 700 and 800 lbs. of dried flower each month. This will be utilized in the company’s AMA branded Concentrate and flower products that are currently being sold in various licensed dispensaries in Nevada.

Spencer added that the plant varieties were correctly chosen relative to their terpene profiles and quality. The company aims at cultivating premium cannabis that will enable the company to produce quality concentrates for the Nevada market. He added that the company was delighted to begin working with OG DNA Genetics once they start operations in the new facility.