1PM Industries Inc (OTCMKTS:OPMZ) reported that it has contracted with a third customer for this year in the nutritional supplement market. Joseph Wade, the CEO, stated that the business is expanding at a much faster pace than what was originally anticipated. They are under contract with a third customer in the nutritional supplement market.

This firm has remarkable upside and they are thrilled about their prospect for rapid growth. Talking about revenue generation, $400,000 is a conservative projection for each of company’s accounts, but with the aforementioned, it could be extremely depending on the underway needs and requirements of this particular customer.

The details

1PM Industries reported that they have recorded remarkable progress with the convertible debt left on the books. In the coming period, they don’t find any reason to include any additional convertible debt as recorded revenue is enough to support ongoing business plans. It indicates that convertible debt can soon diminish from company’s books in the near future.

Wade added that they have had questions about their customer and why they do not offer the names of the firms or their tickers in press releases. 1PM anticipate that this is evident to most, however it is vital to address question head on. The course of going public has extremely sensitive measures, some detailed filings and it’s never a guarantee or sure thing that a firm will get publicly traded status.

Just before the start of trading, immense support is being noted. Any disclosure on company’s part about customers or their behind the scenes plans would run the risk of unsettling the process. Considering the factors, the company’s formal filings will show more detail as it links to their first three customers and the corresponding revenue sources. 1PM Industries appreciate the questions related to this topic, and the management hopes that the answers given were helpful.

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