Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (OTCMKTS:ATTBF) is a company that focuses in the provision of downstream products and services. The business seeks to stand out from the rest in the cannabis sector by enhancing its brands a great deal. Abattis today confirmed the signing of the Distribution Agreement with Shefield & Sons Tobacconists Inc.

The target is to succeed immensely in the sale of the Abattis vaporizer line. That is in all the stores spread out across Canada belonging to Shefield & Sons.

Current state of affairs

Shefield & Sons makes a great mark in business considering that it has performed relatively well since its establishment. It prides itself in having quite a significant number of locations in the biggest cities across Canada.

Shefield & Sons outlines that it has managed to find its way into the lucrative cannabis space. Many consumers say it has been a great experience working with it. They have obtained top quality grinders, pipers and vaporizers as well.

A closer look

The President of Abattis Robert Abenante outlines that the signing of the Distribution Agreement means much to them. The official says the distribution agreement in question serves their partners, customers and shareholders with outstanding value.

Abenante opines, “By leveraging their brand name, image and vast distribution outlets across Canada, we expect significant growth in our vaporizer sales. In anticipation of our LP license, we are now more focused than ever on securing vaporizer distribution agreements and strategic partnerships with well-known franchises like Shefield & Sons.”

The good thing with the vaporizers from Abattis lies in the fact that they offer therapeutic benefits. The tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol extracts when delivered appropriately bring about great relief. The business guru outlines that the Distribution Agreement is a progressive one. It believes it will move along way helping boost sales. Abattis vaporizers enter the market just in time and analysts predict high sales.

Abattis has also disclosed its plan to purchase some particular strains in line with the Cannabis IP portfolio. Market observers from around the globe have applauded the move a great deal. They say that the business is making steps towards the right direction at time of changing business dynamics.