Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (OTCMKTS:ATTBF) Reveals The Stepping Down Of Some Of Its Directors

Abattis Bioceuticals Corp (OTCMKTS:ATTBF) recently announced that two of its directors have resigned from the company’s Board of Directors.

The company made the first announcement on February 20 revealing that Wolfgang Richter resigned from the Board of Directors. The second announcement came on March 6 this year, notifying investors and the general public that James Irving also stepped down from his position as a board member. The company also expressed gratitude to the two departing board members for the service that they offered to Abarris during their tenure.

The announcement comes weeks after Abittis announced that the British Columbia Securities Commission (BCSC) did not extend the temporary order issued against the company in November last year. The temporary order prevented Abattis from trading on the BCSC for the indicated duration. However, the regulator has not renewed the order, and that means that trading can resume.

“Abattis is very happy with the BCSC’s decision to remove the Company from the Order such that Abattis can continue to focus its efforts on revenue generation and building shareholder value” stated Abattis CEO and President Rob Abenante.

Abattis is determined to uphold a positive brand image

It is not clear whether the recent exit by two members of Abattis’ Board of Directors has anything to do with the temporary order. However, Mr. Abenante noted that the temporary order was detrimental to his company’s performance because it generated negative investor sentiments. Abattis hopes that investors will regain their confidence and positive sentiments now that the temporary order has been lifted.

The company plans to cooperate with the Canadian Securities Exchange and the BCSC as much as necessary so that it can achieve the highest level of transparency and governance. This will also help to generate investor confidence. Abattis is also determined to build a strong asset portfolio as one of the players in the cannabis industry. Mr. Abenante also pointed out that the collaboration with the regulators will also help it to close in on its goal to become an industry leader as a medical cannabis firm.

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