Harvest Medicine Inc. (“Harvest Medicine” or “HMed”), a wholly-owned subsidiary of ABcann Global Corp (OTCMKTS:ABCCF) has managed to surpass  15,000 active patients. And that is a major development considering that it has hit such a major milestone in only 18 months of its business operation.

Parmar perspective

In its latest statement, ABcann Global Corp has stated that the subsidiary will soon be expanding its education focused model across Canada, a goal it will achieve with the unveiling of a purpose-built telemedicine app as well as with the opening up of new locations.

The Chief Executive Officer of HMed Shekhar Parmar opined, “Our rapid growth is a testament to our patient-centric approach and dedication to providing exceptional care. We partner with patients to empower them to be more involved in their healthcare and ensure that they receive the safest and most effective medical cannabis treatment for their individualized needs.”

If matters play out according to plan, we expect that by July the new location will already have been set up in the Edmonton area. A short while after, most probably by the end of summer, the telemedicine app will be unveiled as well. One of the officials working with Harvest Medicine while addressing several news reporters has outlined that they are looking forward to witness strong continued growth.

Mr. Parmar takes the stance that the various efforts they are making as they progress will help them a huge deal towards transforming the medical cannabis experience for physicians and patients.Aside from that, he expects that they are headed to a point where they will be recognized as one of the most trusted leaders in the medical cannabis care across the country.

Major developments and an outlook into the future

A lot of positive developments continue to be witnessed. The other is the completion of an agreement with the Alberta Gaming, Liquor & Cannabis Commission (“AGLC”).The central objective is to succeed in efforts to deliver high-quality cannabis products to consumers in Alberta.

The terms of the recent agreement are that ABcann will be entrusted with the provision of cannabis to the Alberta market.  Adult-use customers in Alberta expected to take advantage of the ABcann’s premium branded cannabis products and the October market launch is great news to all of them.