Darren Cherry, who happens to be the CEO of ADVANTIS CORPORATI (OTCMKTS:ADVT) has moved ahead to make an announcement disclosing that their company has finalized the agreement with Player’s Network of Las Vegas. This move is just one of the many strategies the company has in place towards ensuring that it is able to generate high revenues as well as develop an edge over rivals in the sector.

The company’s spokesperson said, “Details of the agreement include Advantis packaging solutions, other Amster-Can products, and media-related benefits where synergies exist through WeedTV, a cannabis social platform and video network owned by Players Network that will help assist in the marketing of marijuana canning.”

N2 patented cannabis canning technology is a monumental advantage for Advantis since it gets a little bit easier for the company to seal the select flower in a can. The nitrogen that gets injected in the cans is what helps keep the products fresh even for a number of years.

Greenleaf Farms at the moment anticipates that matters will play out according to plan. The goal will be to succeed at ramping up to full canning production and this is in specific regard to its first crop in the 2018 spring.

The CEO of Advantis Darren Cherry revealed that their packaging was being seen across the state which is persistently insistent on obtaining pre-packaged cannabis. He expressed great optimism in stating that the Amster-Can was sure to get exposure from the various recreational users around the globe. The products are featured on WeedTV and the other way to gain access is by visiting the dispensaries spread out across the city.

Cherry has gone ahead to stipulate that he is expecting about 25% revenue increase from the agreement. Players Network happens to be a fully reporting, publicly traded holding company which lays a major focus in the making of investments as well as in undertaking the promotion activities for the various cannabis related businesses. Cherry said that the recent move was a huge one for them and they expected to witness desirable results in the near future.