Agritek Holdings, Inc. (OTCQB:AGTK) has entered into a licensing pact with Los Angeles, California based Pre-ICO Manufacturing Facility to unveil California Premiums Pre-Roll Brand. The licensing deal allows the company to meet the growing demand by increasing production of California Premiums Brand. It also helps to meet the requests from West Hollywood based dispensaries.

Agritek Holdings can be approached for licensing/ packaging rights to manufacture premium pre-rolls for distribution to multiple dispensaries in Southern California. The company charges $3 for each box towards licensing/ packaging of premium rolls.

The Chief Executive Officer of Agritek Holdings, Mr. B. Michael Friedman said the company is   receiving requests for the California Premiums and the demand has grown multi fold after a limited supply of the brand to important individuals in California and featuring the brand in magazines like The Emmy Edition, Variety Magazine, as well as populating the magazines with articles featured by cannabis and celebrities in Hollywood.

The manufacturing facility of the company will also comply with legislative requirements. The company will also ensure supply of the brand to the approved dispensaries through distribution partners.

Agritek Holdings Reports First Revenues

Agritek Holdings has reported First Revenues From New Brands Focused on the CBD and Hemp markets in California and Colorado. The product line consists of MD vape lines and MD Oral Strips with a variety of flavored terpenes. The new Hemp Pops are offered in 25 mg dosage in six flavors. All these products helped the company to report first revenues in the quarter just ended.

Brief Information about Agritek Holdings, Inc.

Agritek Holdings, Inc. is a leader in the marijuana space for medical applications. The company is engaged in offering agricultural solutions, brands and technology for recreational cannabis industry as well as for medical use. The company also manages/ owns properties in Canada, Puerto Rico, Colorado, and Washington.

The company also holds licenses for cultivation and manufacturing in California. The company also holds several Cannabis and Hemp brands for the distribution of Hemp Pops, MicroDose Strips and California Premiums.