Aleafia Health Inc (OTCMKTS:ALEAF) Provides Updates Regarding Stolen Recreational Cannabis Consignment

Aleafia Health Inc (OTCMKTS:ALEAF) recently indicated that a shipment of its recreational cannabis product had been stolen. It has now indicated that it has received an update regarding the stolen product from the third-Party transportation company.

Aleafia Health’s cannabis product consignment stolen from the carrier

The shipment of finished cannabis products for the recreational market was not stolen from the company’s facilities, but it was rather stolen while on transit. The product was in possession of the shipping company, and it was to deliver the product to provincial wholesale distributors the following week. Its third-party shipping partner has indicated that the product was en route to distributors in provinces before the incident on December 20. The shipping company indicated that the vehicle carrying the cannabis product had presumably disappeared from the carrier’s facility.

The carrier has since recorded a statement with the police, and it is cooperating with authorities in investigations. Equally, they have notified Health Canada in line with the company’s standard operating procedure as well as notified Aleafi’s insurance providers. The cannabis company has, however, indicated that the value of the stolen product was “not material.”

Currently, Aleafia is working to fulfill outstanding purchase orders to its provincial distribution partners. However, it is unclear who the company’s third-party shipping partner is at the time. Speaking to The Deep Dive, 3 Sixty Secure Corp CEO Thomas Gerstenecker stated that his company was not providing shipping services for Aleafia Health.

Aleafia Health produces proprietary cannabis derivatives

Aleafia Health has three main cannabis cultivation and production facilities, with two of them licensed and operational. Its outdoor cultivation facility is the first large scale facility in the history of Canadia. The cannabis health and wellness company is known to produce a wide range of cannabis products, which include high-margin derivatives such as capsules, oils, and sprays.

The company has a large network of educational centers and medical marijuana clinics staffed by nurse practitioners, educators, and MDs. The company has maintained a competitive edge in the medical marijuana segment because of its innovative products.

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