Amazonas Florestal Ltd (OTCMKTS:AZFL) reported that the firm [AF1] has secured a property in Weld County, Colorado, via its association with TSC on a long-term lease. This asset will serve to outlet the full amount of Cannabinoid Flower that Amazon Hemp anticipates to yield from its 2 x 100 acre fields, and will be harvested in this month. This asset will also serve as base for the machinery and equipment that has been bought for production of Distillate, Islets and crude CBD Oil. The site is also set to become location for the firm’s complete products lab now in anticipation for early 2018.

The updates

Currently, Amazonas Florestal are at a 98% growth of the plant in its first 100 acres cultivation in Colorado. Ricardo Cortez, the Company Chairman, reported that the management thanks to their association with TSC that they have been able to get this property that is a major asset to company’s Hemp project in Colorado.

They are now progressing with their plans to deploy the distilling equipment and for establishment of additional buildings for processing, storage, product staging, and a lab facility and kitchen at this site. The team is happy to announce that they are now in line to commence harvesting the initial 100-acre property on Route 52 and start harvest work of the second 100-acre field soon.

Amazonas reported that the cultivation of these fields were deliberately staggered to enable their contractors’ time to stagger the harvests. The company expect to complete the packaging and harvesting of the flower from the two fields by the close of this month and will later announce the exact results in term of chemical testing and weight. The harvest of both fields is an achievement. The data of 2 years preparation and planning are reaching to its fruition.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Amazonas declined more than 26% to close the day at $0.00460.