American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Completes First Phase Of Its Move into Nipton

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) has completed first phase of its integration into Nipton, CA. It has plans set for presentation to the respective regulatory entities so as to facilitate and achieve their stated objectives for the town’s future becoming the preliminary energy-independent cannabis-friendly city in America.

The initial phase was equal parts renovation and cleaning, and the other was the muster of a professional plan for the subsequent phase. The Nipton Improvement Fund, which is intended to help interested folks in being a part of history in partaking and actualizing the fruits of their input is set to start this month.

The details

David Gwyther, the President of American Green, expressed that not only have they been able to make fast changes to the current infrastructure, they have also established a robust development plan to present to required entities for consideration, and, expectantly, their nod — San Bernardino County being on the top of list.

With the realistic development strategies and state/county governance having a major interest in advancing the region and town correctly along with them, they are assured in their ability to generate tax revenues and employment which they consider will justify any measures they take in and around Nipton.

In addition, the American Green will soon present its over 70,000 approved shareholders an opportunity to be part of Nipton history. The company will make available a tile (1-foot by 1-foot), inscribed with the buyer name, which will become a part of Nipton’s town walkway. Moreover, the tile buyer will get a certificate showcasing their purchase and when visiting, they will get a map showing the site of their tile and a 10% discount off of products in The Nipton Trading Post (cigarettes and alcohol are not eligible). This Nipton tailored tile sale will be presented first to participants on the American Green’s Email Alert list.

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