American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) Progresses With Its Plans

American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) reported that following its positive launch of the American Green Machine at the popular NAMA ‘OneShow’ in April, its certified vending system that enables for the purchase of regulated offerings from a machine will be incorporated in almost all of the market leaders manufacturing machines in the U.S.

The highlights

Besides Jofemar and AMS that are already integrated, the firm is now discussing integration with National, Vendo and WIttern with the other market pioneers demonstrating interest in the technology company offers.

This is important because the patent-protected mechanism is ‘machine agnostic’ indicating it works with any system and expands rather than challenging with what producers have. Now or in the imminent future, customers who look for a verified vending system can chose the machine or company of their choice to avail the advantages of American Green’s auto-retail solution.

It will simplify the acceptance of the process for firms or vending route workers who would prefer to sell such offerings as OTC pharma, adult beverages or items prevalent late at night, all of which can effortlessly be completed through machines administering the AGM system.

Most of the unique interfaces and software modifications visible to the public are performed after machines leave production facilities. After looking at the AGM at NAMA, it was evident to most if not all firms there that incorporation wouldn’t pose a risk to their business and would likely gain by providing options to their customers and in turn their clients.

David Gwyther, the Board Chairman and acting President at American Green, reported that getting to market with numerous producers was one of their primary objectives for the NAMA show. They did that with two remarkable firms in Jofemar and AMS whose machines are extensively available countrywide.

Successfully incorporating with the other industry pioneers will assist them offer more machines and advance the adoption of the American Green Machine system as a source of selling products initially not obtainable in absence of a physical attendant.

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