American Green Inc (OTCMKTS:ERBB) reported its acquisition of the town of Nipton, a community in San Bernardino county. The company plans to modernize it into the nation’s initial energy-independent, cannabis-friendly hospitality site, all while keeping its historic look and significance. As the largest publicly-traded cannabis firm in the U.S. with more than 50,000 certified shareholders, it marks as the first firm to buy an entire town for the objective of capitalizing on the growing cannabis tourism market. Many of Nipton’s past and current highlights can be learned at

The details

With over 120 acres of prospective for development and merely 10 minutes off of Interstate 15, American Green has advanced the initial step to transform Nipton into a major hub for the production of numerous cannabis-based products and fully-licensed cultivation which comprises an appropriate and safe approach to consumption.

Initially, Nipton and American Green will focus on the bottling of Cannabinoid-infused water direct from an adjacent aquifer which the firm will then seek to supply throughout California. Discussions are ongoing with numerous well-established extraction and edible firms that have shown interest in having manufacturing facilities in the town, all done following adherence to regulatory guidelines.

Eventually, the firm would like to provide a variety of recreational and commercial attractions comprising mineral and CBD baths, artists-in-residence programs, cannabis-product retail outposts, Bed-and-Breakfast lodging and culinary events, to close the charming small town experience.

The firm officials expect that this assignment will help to catalyze job development and creation within the town and adjacent communities, making Nipton a prototype for the cannabis industry’s role in accelerating and stimulating the transformation of struggling small town economies across the U.S. where cannabis offerings have been legalized.

Nipton’s imminent plans comprise setting the standard for environmentally responsible and energy efficiency tourism. American Green plans to expand the current solar farm, to help Nipton become a completely energy-independent town.