Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AMFE) Provides More Details Regarding Natural Stuff Inc. Acquisition

Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AMFE) has moved ahead to serve all its shareholders and the investment community as a whole with its latest updates regarding the latest acquisition and newest subsidiary called Natural Stuff Inc. (NSI).

According to a top executive working with the company, NSI was acquired way back in November 1st 2017.It is also notable to point out to the fact that the passage of time is witnessing Snakes & Lattes Inc subsidiary experience immense growth and the last 12 months have been outstanding.

Natural Stuff Inc takes immense pride in the fact that at the moment it owns the distribution rights to a number of the beverage and food brands including 28 Black which is basically a popular premium energy drink. At the time of its official acquisition, NSI boasted of about 300 accounts in the whole of Canada. Much has been done over time in line with undertaking major developmental efforts since at the moment growth has scaled up to hit the 500 mark in terms of the accounts in Canada.

Silvano Racioppo, who happens to be founder and President of NSI will be upholding his position and that is according to the stipulations in line with this particular agreement. Maintaining the top official in his leadership position according to market observers will see him succeed in his efforts which are definitely geared towards driving the expansion of all associated businesses. But what is it that is so outstanding about him?

Mr. Racioppo boasts of many years of experience in the distribution and logistics for the various drink and food brands which generate almost $18 Million per year. There was a time when a family tragedy impacted him negatively and that in a major way dragged him away from his business.

The landlord of a key property in Tempe which is found in Arizona gave a signed LOI to Snakes & Lattes Inc and analysts following closely on the matter have made a joint statement outlining that the move brought it much closer to penetrating the US market. The President of the Snakes & Lattes Inc Ben Castanie said that they hoped to fly down to meet with the landlord hopefully by Thursday and the goal will be finalize the lease.

By Emily Gibson

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