Amfil Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:AMFE) have jointly signed confidentiality/ non-disclosure deals with a large hydroponic systems producer and have started the due diligence procedure to engage in a venture to distribute and integrate the GROzone EcoPr03 Antimicrobial System as a tailored add-on to hydroponic setups. There will be dual statements naming the associate as they have asked additional time to arrange and so additional contracts can be finalized. This producer will be getting their initial EcoPro3 unit in the imminent weeks.

The highlights

Amfil Technologies produces an automatic hydroponic vertical farming arrangement intended for use in the fast growing medicinal marijuana market. The system has been intended to deliver fluids, carbon dioxide and nutrients more efficiently and effectively than conventional growing arrangements. The system has been accepted by numerous cannabis distributors and producers in the U.S., Canada and Europe and has a recognized customer base.

Moreover, through the contract with GROzone, the hydroponic method will provide ozone via the combined EcoPro3 Antimicrobial Arrangement, resulting in the capacity to offer growers an inclusive, highly efficient, and eco-friendly setup to manufacture medicinal grade pot.

Future growth plans comprise expansion into the food segment, targeting parts challenged by elements such as contaminated water sources and climate and, making it tough to cultivate crops using traditional farming processes. The GROzone systems were advanced from current know-how which has been utilized in the beverage and food industry for more than 20 years, offering units for major firms such as Sun Pacific, Nestle and Pepsi.

Amfil reported that the GROzone management plans to apply their technical expertise, knowledge and proven track record in the market to further cultivate and expand the scope of both firms moving forward. Several synergies between the two firms are being assessed and the respective teams are expecting a unified expansion of both firms as a direct outcome of this strategic association.