Aphria Inc (OTCMKTS:APHQF) Plotting A Total Take-over Of The Adult-Use Cannabis Market

A lot seems to be going on for Aphria Inc (OTCMKTS:APHQF) lately as the self-proclaimed global cannabis company has entered several partnerships in a bid to boost its position in the market. In an early August press release, the company announced the signing of a Manufacturer’s Representative agreement with We Grow BC Ltd (“We Grow”) to become the company’s exclusive sales representative in Canada.

Aphria has an extensive portfolio of adult-use brands under its wing and the addition of We Grow is a bold statement by a company that is determined to go the extra mile to be ahead of the competition. The agreement with We Grow adds a second brand of premium B.C.-bud from Boken Coast Cannabis through the company’s coast-to-coast sales distribution network.

We Grow is a licensed producer of premium cannabis based in Vancouver.

In-house adult use brands

Speaking during the announcement, Jakob Ripshtein, Chief Commercial Officer at Aphria, acknowledged the competency of the company to offer a sales and distribution network for adult-use that covers the whole of Canada. In reference to the new partnership with We Grow, the CCO noted that the relationship will be complementary to the company’s existing adult-use brands together with other brands are yet to be made public. The CCO also noted that the partnership with We Grow is an opportunity for the company to expand its portfolio which the company is confident that it will be well represented in stores throughout the country, thanks to well-established relationships and an extensive network of distribution facilities and resources.

Development of new products

In another press release, the company has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent (LOI) to form a joint venture with Perennial Inc. (“Perennial”). The move will see the two companies develop new products that will share in the fortunes of the expanding adult-use cannabis market.

The partnership will be highly reliant on “Aphria’s best-in-class cannabis production” and distribution network while at the same time benefiting from the rich expertise in strategic brand development by Perennial. The collaboration is hoped to develop industry leading products that will put the companies in front of the pack.

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