As the legalization of marijuana across the US is up for voices of consents from the residents across large frontiers, Apple is all set to get back into the mobile application parlance with its innovative app MassRoots.

Voices Raised

The app is uptight and focuses on emerging as a social networking application for all and sundry who have a liking for marijuana. MassRoots had been open to use for all iTunes registered users on November 2014. However, growing concerns commanding non-compliance to the existing policies ruled the responses that exhibit detestation at the launching of the application.

There were voices raised and commented floated that this social media app is duly made to keep marijuana fans engaged and hit up new modes of friendship across social media portals. Moreover, there were gnawing concerns that the consumers would be keener on consuming illegal commodities or alcohol in larger gamut, as the socially connecting app may give the relentless push to interested individuals who would indulge in alcohol or weed consumption.

Why A Hiatus For MassRoots?

During its launch, the geography of the US was divided into almost halves – half willing and half not willing to voice for the legalization of marijuana. The majority of fans overtly concluded that the app would forcibly lead to larger consumption, and thus it violates the norms in place. To fight out with the issue, Apple came up with an algorithm change and made this app usable only in areas that have incidentally legalized marijuana, especially for the medical means.

Salient Features

MassRoots has salient features in close resemblance with the likes of Twitter or Instagram. There is a plethora of technical advices of usage, cultivation techniques, myriad of varieties available for cultivation or use, nitty gritties about the efforts of legalization and such other information, easily made available to all and sundry who provide their original online details like real mail IDs and names.

Leafly And MassRoots

Apple’s MassRoots has seemingly reached a user base exceeding 250,000. An application of similar potential and nature— Leafly is also in the town to compete with MassRoots and create social bonding and awareness on marijuana and its usage.