Uptick Newswire is the exclusive producer of the Uptick Network – Stock Day Podcast keeping shareholders and investors up to date on firm news and offering transparency to the micro-cap division of the market. Everett Jolly, recently interviewed a revisiting guest from Blue Diamond Ventures, Inc. (OTCMKTS:BLDV) on the notable development in the Medical Cannabis segment.

The details

Blue Diamond was a nominee in the segment of “Most influential Cannabis Company” at the annual Uppie Awards. This event was launched in the first week of November by Uptick Newswire. Stock Day welcomed back Joshua Alper, the Chairman and CEO of Blue Diamond, who updated listeners on the development of the firm in the medical cannabis market.

Starting the interview, Alper discusses company within the medical cannabis segment and how the margins in this segment of the market will result in the top outcome for the firm. He discusses the link of the medical cannabis unit with the Cannabis Market in Israel, and the way fast growth there with more than 600 medicinal cannabis startup firms will prompt Israel becoming one of the major cannabinoid exporters across the globe.

Continuing the interview, Jolly asks the question on how the licensing obtained by Quality Green has been progressing. Alper offer details on the extensive facility and the way the facility expansion came into play so fast offering an extremely promising outcome for both firms in the long run. In addition, the talk between the two changes comes while Alper explains on how revenue opportunities within medical cannabis segment will be impacted by the outlook of new Adult Use guidelines in Canada.

In closing Blue Diamond CEO stated that he considers as they expand their presence in Canada, with customers like Quality Green Inc, and as they record strong success, he views market will commence to view the shares price respond. They are not yet endorsing any of the Israeli relationships or technologies, as they would prefer to wait until there are certain definable revenues sources there before utilizing that in any means to promote the firm.