CANNA CONSUMER/SH SH (OTCMKTS:CBMJ) is set to emerge the winner in the ongoing debate on whether the toss aside the existing federal protections for states against the use of marijuana in the US. Recently, the Attorney General Jeff Session announced that the marijuana laws should be considered and liberalized in what has been known to be the Cole Memo.

The current stand of the federal laws against the distribution of marijuana-related products has hindered many investors and other potential business partners including banks from getting involved with the Cannabis companies since the industry is termed illegal under the current federal law. Other firms that have tried to support the cannabis-related firms such as the real estates, insurance, and others have also been restrained from indulging in the marijuana business. Furthermore, the advertising firms have also been barred from carrying out the ads related to the marijuana content.

However, with the ongoing state legalization of the cannabis for both the medical and recreational purposes, there’s a realm of optimism that the federal law could soon be reviewed to relax the regulations. This comes as good news for Canna Consumer that is directly involved in the advertisement through its subsidiary firm, Canna Broadcast Media, which focuses on helping the cannabis firms that want to advertise their products.

Last year, Canna Consumer acquired the LoudMouth Media, Inc as part of its strategy to expand its operations to the media sector. The company is focused on the Cannabis business and has various advertising mediums including the television, billboards, website, magazines and much more that aggregate latest news to the industry.

The loudmouthnews website is continuously updated with the current news useful to a number of stakeholders such as the consumers, producers, competitors, and other potential key investors.

According to Schaftlein CEO of Canna Consumer Goods, with the rapid expansion of the cannabis industry, companies should devise new ways to ensure that all the target segments are accessible to the cannabis products. There should be an easy flow of information in the market to allow the consumers access the quality products and service more efficiently.