Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) Continues Expansions

Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a U.S. firm specializing in the advancement of cannabinoid-based drugs reported that its expansions plans are underway as it enters into discussions to acquire two medicinal marijuana dispensaries in the California area. These dispensaries will be registered Cannabis Science and demonstrate company’s products and also other selected brands. The firm is thrilled to enhance patient access to latest drug development measures, and enable the firm to work closer with its self-medicating subject base.

The details

Cannabis Science is projecting to report the finalizing of the closing documents and launch the locations shortly. The company has been working persistently toward introducing this very vital phase of growth. It is looking to start 15 -20 locations across California in Phase I through the partnering or acquisition with current compliant dispensary sites, and the complete buildout of new locations. It marks as one of numerous targeted vertical integration plans underway at company.

As the firm prepares to set some of its sovereign land assets with RCDU and it progresses with its distinct cannabis cultivation zones to be acquiescent with the state medical marijuana regulations, a distinct team will be able to begin preparing new dispensaries to demonstrate Cannabis Science drugs and wellness and health products.

Heavy focus will be put on the local growth, sustainable sourcing and quality R&D done by the trusted company name as it relates to branding at any of the latest dispensaries. Moving forward, the firm will be looking for new opportunities in the course of cannabis grow land and dispensaries acquisitions across the nation.

This will provide Cannabis Science access to a larger patient base, an efficient supply chain course, and ultimately higher profit margins and sales on top of the branding advantages from having a larger footprint. With a stronger client base, the firm will be able to rapidly find patients and assemble trial groups for clinical studies and product testing in the future. This greatly expedites and impacts the research capabilities of the Dana-Farber Institute and company, as trials will be able to move beyond concepts quickly.

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