Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a U.S. firm specializing in the advancement of cannabis-based medicines will submit an offering memorandum worth $25 million to accommodate an aggressive expansion strategy; the firm projects to submit next week. The firm has been assessing investment firms that have shown interest in its business plan and similar humanitarian benefits. With this growth strategy the firm is looking to open a corporate office in NYC to support its financing options and its east coast expansion process.

The details

Cannabis Science has recorded a notable increase in activity from its collaboration research deal with Dana-Farber to study cannabis-based cancer therapy and numerous leadership speaking engagements at renowned Harvard Medical School. The projected new funding will enable company to jump-start its drug development plans with its extensive CBD formulation base targeting numerous critical ailments.

Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO and President of Cannabis Science, reported that as regulation changes in such an extensive expanding industry, it results in opportunities and it can result in problems for those opportunities. The company must remain flexible and move as per changing guidelines.

The expansion plan is being supported by the expanding market and growing demand. These investments are for corporations or individuals interested in becoming a part of the CBIS property development assignments and fund the future expenses of FDA approval’s procedure and Drug and Developments expenses for its related targets.

This all brings additional strength to this growing as well as ever changing Cannabis industry and they are extremely delighted to be a part of this progression. Cannabis Science makes great use of its unique understanding of metabolic procedures to provide novel treatments to different illnesses for which existing treatments remain unsatisfactory. There are an increasing number of peer-assessed scientific publications that present the underlying biochemical pathways that CBDs modulate.