Cannabis Science Inc (OTCMKTS:CBIS) a U.S. firm specializing in the advancement of cannabis-based medicines, released updates on the planned self-administering DPI Inhalation Device for COPD/ Asthma and their CBD infused pain patch. The firm is in the final packaging stage for the CBD-based Pain Patches and will launch to partner dispensaries in the Los Angeles area soon, joining the current Cannabis Science product line.

The buzz

Raymond C. Dabney, the CEO of Cannabis Science, reported that they acknowledge President Donald J. Trump for his recognition and support of the benefits of Medicinal Cannabis; it is a cheered message for company to note the President is supportive of Medicinal Cannabis and they consider this will strengthen the Medicinal Cannabis plan across this great country and will offer even more states the wish to employ CBDs into the arsenal to combat disease.

The MDI Inhaler comes in the list of initial medicinal based CBD inhalers to be launch in the market, and the extensive range of other CBD products being systematically launched by the firm is demonstrating very high market approval and brand equity growth. Nationwide and local dispensaries are showing interest in carrying Cannabis Science’s new offerings, and new associations are being established while the current ones are being solidified. This is one of the promising growth signs any firm could ask for its CBD medical based offerings.

As previously reported, research into the advancement of a DPI Inhaler looks promising; the process of delivery and prescription amounts have been recognized; also CBIS have offered guidance to indicate what led them to determine a long-term therapy drug was required for subjects in later stages and advanced cases of these diseases and ailments.

Dry powder inhalers have the medication in fine dry powder format. Such inhalers are classified into multiple unit dose devices, multi dose devices and single dose devices.