Cannasys Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) has elected Benjamin Tyson to the Board of Directors. He and his team have been vital so far in the advancement of the Citizen Toke platform and advancement of Cannasys. Patrick Burke, the CEO, expressed that they are focused on enhancing the value of their product offerings to brands, users, retailers and products in the cannabis industry and in other verticals. Tyson’s technical acumen and vision is exactly what is required to steer company’s overarching product development objectives.

The details

Beta Killers comes in the list of innovation laboratories focused on improving and changing the ways businesses and consumers interact in a fast changing technology landscape. They have recorded numerous successful technologies released in the cannabis and SMS space. Tyson reported that he is delighted to be more intimately involved in the decision making process and operations for Cannasys, as he view major opportunities in integrating more products and technologies with the Citizen Toke platform to better serve company’s users and customers.

Citizen Toke offers remarkable, instant, location-based, gamified campaigns for cannabis retailers seeking to more intimately connect with their customers directly through SMS. It is an efficient way for retail centers to communicate remarkable promotions to their customers and to extend brand awareness to potentially new and current customers. More details on the business plan and technology of Citizen Toke can be seen at White Paper.


Cannasys and its senior management and board remain committed to enhancing long-term shareholder value and will offer timely updates to investors as they occur. The company is technology solutions, branding and marketing firm. Its core offerings are delivered “SaaS” to facilitate point-of-purchase deals and consumer relationship marketing solutions. It intends to acquire, build and develop strategic associations with other businesses in attempt to bring additional offerings to market, and make a mark in the industry.