Cannasys Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) Updates Shareholders

Cannasys Inc (OTCMKTS:MJTK) a marketing, technology and branding firm an update to its stockholders related to its operations, outlook and strategy. After the successful market release of Citizen Toke, its exceptional direct to customer SMS-based social deals app, the company reported that Michael Tew has been reengaged as its Chief Financial Officer and Chief Executive Officer to spearhead its cryptocurrency initiatives. Patrick Burke will remain President, Secretary and Chief Operating Officer accountable for continuing Citizen Toke’s market release and customer support.

The buzz

Earlier this year, in association with Beta Killers, LLC, the company introduced Citizen Toke, its unique text-message marketing platform, in beta way with ten cannabis retailers from Boulder and Denver. During Q4 2017, CannaSys successfully introduced Citizen Toke’s version I platform with revenues to advance its ongoing marketing and development.

Mr. Tew added that they express thanks to Patrick Burke for advancing through the market release of Citizen Toke. So far, Citizen Toke has sent over 5,000 messages to 750 folks, is used by fifteen retailers, and has been utilized to reach new clients for different cannabis-based offerings. They anticipate to release this into new segments, including California, in the imminent future. He is delighted of the progress they have achieved in the preceding six months and look forward to supporting their growth with new complimentary apps, especially in blockchain.

Mr. Burke added that Citizen Toke has advanced the ultimate solution for branded-product firms and retailers that intend to expand their client base but are confined in their accessible tool kits. Average response rate of Citizen Toke is between 20% and 40% while conversion rates ranges between 2% and 4%, surpassing competitive technologies.

More recently, CannaSys successfully concluded its restructuring, increasing its total authorized stock to 12 billion shares. The reorganization offers ample capital availability to support the firm’s growth plans in the imminent years.

By Jaime Williams

Jaime is a MBA graduate from UC San Diego and has written for for over 3 months now. She has a particular fondness for the medical marijuana industry but also likes writing on energy, consumer goods, and technology.

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