It was today that CannTrust Holdings Inc (OTCMKTS:CNTTF) announced that it was considering signing into an agreement that would see it collaborate with Kwantlen Polytechnic University (KPU) towards the development of non-academic Cannabis Career Training program.

It was in 2015 that the institution started providing a suite of non-credit cannabis courses.

The turn of events

The purpose for the creation of the courses according to a person familiar with the matter was to help with establishment of an educated and knowledgeable workforce the medical cannabis industry which over the recent years has been witnessing immense growth. Through its collaboration with KPU, CannTrust is confident that it will succeed in its quest to advocate for the continued growth of the Cannabis Career Training program.

According to one of the officials, it was crucial to verse learners with the most appropriate skills that would be essential in settling the various needs of the ever evolving demands. The program is currently being delivered online and that implies learners from across Canada are able to access it. And it is also important to mention that its demand keeps growing by the day.

CannTrust-KPU partnership and its benefits

One of the students during an interview outlined that he was happy with the CannTrust-KPU partnership since it was going to move along way helping them get work placements. Aside from that, CannTrust is also expected to provide employment to quite a significant number of the qualified candidates.

Bringing an infusion of new expertise and talent to the business is a top priority. There is also the need to push CannTrust to a zone of continued growth and success especially at this point in time when business dynamics tend to be shifting pretty fast.

The President of CannTrust Brad Rogers opined, “CannTrust looks forward to participating in the growth of the training Program and in creating internship, co-operative education and employment opportunities for its students and graduates.”

He added that they were the first Canada-based post-secondary institution to engage in the provision of professional training in the cannabis sector. The company says that it will uphold its partnership with CannTrust which is geared towards further development of crucial training programs.