Cure Pharmaceutical (OTCMKTS:CURR) Continues To Leverage CUREfilm™ To Develop New Drug Delivery Systems

On Wednesday July 24, Cure Pharmaceutical (OTCMKTS:CURR) revealed the acquisition of a patent for a novel drug delivery system. According to the company, the new patent outlines a procedure through which oral film compositions containing over 30% of active ingredient can be enabled.

Cure Pharmaceutical intends to deliver high doses of active ingredients via capsules which are specially made from lipids. The company develops oral thin films (OTF) using CUREfilm™, a proprietary drug delivery system. Particularly, the technology enables the company to load drug active in higher amounts than previously possible.

CURR increases products under CUREfilm™ technology

This patent comes hot on the heels of another one secured in June. In the allowance of patent application, the delivery system enables a bi-phasic release profile. Particularly, the system covers thin films which are edible with natural active ingredients. These ingredients are located in the film matrix as well as the powder coating.

The bi-phasic release profile is used widely in wellness products in the cannabis industry. With the fast growth of the industry, this basically implies that demand for the oral thin films which have a bi-phasic release profile is high. Interestingly, the novel OTF is also built on the proprietary CUREfilm™ technology.

The greatest selling point for the bi-phasic release profile is that drugs are released initially in bursts and then this dissipates into a constant rate of release. As such, users experience the most optimal therapeutic effect the drug.

Building on partnerships and acquisitions

Cure Pharmaceutical’s intentions to mark its territory in the oral thin film sector have been in development for a long time. Particularly, the company opted to enter strategic agreements as well as acquire strategic companies. In June, the company entered a partnership with Canopy Growth to further boost the development of the OTF products.

Commenting on the partnership, Rob Davidson, CEO of CURR, said, “This collaboration builds on our licensing agreement with Canopy and accelerates product commercialization. We will leverage our recent patented developments in cannabis-based drug delivery, to formulate an oral thin film product for optimal efficacy and dosing frequency.”

Also, CURR acquired Chemistry Holdings in May in preparation for the venture into the OTF niche. Chemistry Holdings concerns itself with developing drug delivery systems using novel technology.

By Steven Russell

Steve covers business and investing in emerging medical marijuana markets. Steve graduated from the university of New Orleans with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Steve has published several articles in professional journals and magazines. His experience gives readers an inside look at the intersection of his specialties, business and medical marijuana.

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