Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) And India Imports Reports Donation Of Kush Cakes Relaxation Brownies

Dewmar International BMC Inc (OTCMKTS:DEWM) reported that company along with its largest Louisiana distributor named India Imports have donated a considerable amount of Kush Cakes to help Hurricane Irma victims who provisionally live in shelters throughout Florida.

The details

Dr. Marco Moran, the CEO of Dewmar International, expressed that one of their company shareholders who manages a non-profit firm, Believe and Achieve, works with victims of Hurricane Irma who for now are living in shelters in the greater Jacksonville area. The company is sending the non-profit firm and their Orlando Kush Cakes distributor numerous cases of the relaxation brownies in attempt to ease the stress that people have accumulated after being evacuated from their homes and to assist them get improved sleep at night.

Dewmar has an extensive range of activities on its agenda leading from cannabis research, looking for licensing opportunities in numerous states for its subsidiary unit U.S. Hemp Corporation, and the latest grand inauguration of Willie’s Duck Diner. However, following back to back hurricanes with one impacting a city where company has had an office for more than 5 years; the firm and its staff felt that it was vital that they devote some time from their strategic planning to help these less fortunate communities.

Dr. Moran added that he considers that he will personally be blessed, and supporters of Dewmar, by ensuring he take time away from the regular grind of trying to make company a success to share what they have worked hard to establish with others. The President of India Imports was in agreement with him and he is partaking in sharing some of the costs of the linked expenses as he has transported Kush Cakes inventory from his main facility, International Wholesale in Metairie to Florida at Dr. Moran request, and he sent four truckloads of bottled water to Houston few weeks ago.

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