Earth Science Tech, Inc. (OTC:ETST) has been very forward with investors, with their intention to increase shareholder value in 2018. Recently, the company announced their plan to prepare a Regulation A+ Tier 2 offering in order to raise funds to market their MSN-2 medical devices across the globe, initiate clinical trials for new pharmaceutical CBD-based generic drugs, and improve branding and marketing initiatives to increase recurring revenue streams. The company plans to raise a total of $4M in order to fund these initiatives, but the MSN-2 medical device is anticipated to generate over $2M in revenue during its first year of production alone. This is a tremendous return for the company’s investment.

Offerings in and of themselves aren’t great, but the company came up with a solution to maximize shareholder value; they are in discussions with the company’s founding shareholder to return a significant amount of their personal shares to the treasury, perhaps even up to a one-to-one basis with the new offering. This means that the company’s public float could remain unaltered, while access to working capital increases. This is a win-win for the company and its investors, and it also shows the confidence that the company’s founding shareholder has in ETST’s future.

To top things off, the company reiterated its intentions to uplist to the QB tier of the OTC Markets in the first quarter of 2018, which would be a large step in terms of improving transparency and signaling open communication between the company and its stakeholders.