Easton Pharmaceuticals Inc (OTCMKTS:EAPH) has announced that it has started talks for the development of cryptocurrency and blockchain platform which will be used to streamline the company’s supply chain for recreational and medicinal marijuana.

The company is continually looking for new technologies, products plus as profitable business opportunities in several other industries as it seeks to increase value to its shareholders. Easton Pharmaceuticals intends to unveil a Blockchain-based platform as it seeks to provide transparency, improve efficiency, streamline the supply chain for medicinal marijuana and simplify cross border transactions from Licensed Producers (LP’s), dispensaries, distributors, pharmaceutical companies and government agencies.

The company intends to build the solution on some of the leading Blockchain technology in the industry. The solution will be built with future plans of using digital identity solutions on a developed network so as to facilitate accurate and secure end user transactions.

Users who will participate will be able to see, buy and pay for merchandise using cryptocurrency. Once completed, the platform will assist millions of participating users globally in a very secure environment.  This program will involve the participation of Easton’s current partners in the recreational/ medical marijuana industry as well as other prospective partners that Easton has initiated talks with.

The company will be announcing more details in due course as the development as well as plans to launch is being finalized. The company will also give an update on the anticipated start of the Alliance Group operations plus the recently acquired BAYER sub-distribution agreement.

In other news, the company has announced that it has started negotiations with an AMPR applicant in a bid to secure a Canadian Marijuana cultivators / growers license. The company says that the new opportunity which was brought forward by a director to the board will help the company in securing a compliance number from Health Canada.  The company is currently expecting to sign a letter of intent which involve the transaction to allow it participate in the venture. The new opportunity comes at the same time as Alliance’s own medical / recreational marijuana program.