ELEV8 BRANDS In/SH SH (OTCMKTS:VATE) has today disclosed the move by its Management Team to retire almost Two Hundred Million shares of common stock. Over the years, this company has been seen working hard in a bid to uphold a solid share structure implying that it will be succeeding on its quest to give a major boost to its shareholder value.

The management team of Elev8 is quite pleased after it managed to negotiate for the retirement of about Two Hundred Million in terms of the common stock shares.

Ryan Medico, who is the current CEO of the company came out clearly to state that February had turned out to be a great year for them in terms of the sales they closed with. He went further to outline that they were quite optimistic about the future and that was in close consideration of the steps the company was making lately.

He promised that he would be taking it upon himself to unleash the updates of the company to each and every interested person.

However, he admitted to the fact that he understood the intricacies that pulled in with business operations. To him, the shifting business dynamics was a matter that affected each and every progressive company around the globe. He said that there was nothing to worry about incase challenged popped up in the new future.

 It is also worth noting that the company a short while back moved ahead to pronounce the new Elev8 Hemp Coffees and 300mg Zoe CBD Tinctures outlining that it was going to save life and at the same time draw more profits to its side.

Elev8 Brands is excited about the major positive steps it has managed to make with the passage of time.

A number of the market observers recently heaped praises on the company insisting that it took the right move by resolving to add the number of its brands. It insisted that it was the best way to get the Elev8 Brands to expand its market share at a time when business dynamics are shifting quite fast.