ELEV8 BRANDS (OTCMKTS:VATE) happens to be one of the major players in the fitness and wellness markets. The company pays quite a huge deal of focus to product development and marketing. It has quite a significant number of customers and works to ensure they obtain high quality health and wellness products. The business guru today brought onboard a beverage expert.

Current state of affairs

ELEV8 BRANDS seeks to expand its sales team to ensure efficiency in the undertaking of the company’s business operations. The business believes in Chris Risi’s competence and effectives towards helping it achieve most of its set business objectives.

Risi moves into the company with so much in terms of experience and professionalisms. To begin, with, this official has worked for quite a long as a sales professional. The leader worked in restaurant and retail businesses and has helped in the establishment of strong teams.

These teams have turned out effective in the l execution of a wide range of the marketing activities. They helped spark about high levels of growth for businesses and that is more reason why the company needs the leader.

A closer look

Ryan Medico, the current Chief Executive Officer supports the latest move saying that they needed the services of competent officials. According to him, only competent official could help the company succeed in a market characterized by high levels of competition.

Medico opined, “We are excited that Mr. Risi has joined our team. His vast industry experiences will be a tremendous asset to Elev8 Brands in continuing to expand our brand nationally, with a focus on ready-to-drink CBD beverages.”

Chris will be remembered for playing a lead role towards the unveiling of the first ever frozen beverage platform. The leader also oversaw the unveiling of a wide variety of juices, iced teas and above all carbonated beverages.

Canbiola, Inc has also gotten in the signing of a supply deal with this company. It says the move will help boost its revenues significantly. These two business gurus seek to engage in the manufacture of the new Zoe CBD CryoGel. Sources indicate that the product will help a huge deal when it comes to relieving pain.