G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) a firm active in the California Medicinal Cannabis market and trades under former name Kleangas Energy reported that its CEO, Bo Linton, is on the official guest list to join the Sold Out event, The Business of Bud at Golden Gate University in CA.

The buzz

Pro Cannabis votes in the nation enacted legalized access for more than 50% of U.S. adults. What resulted in this change? Was this development merely about getting high or was there something bigger? Does it have the potential to spawn the next Jack Daniels, Genentech or Budweiser? Sifting through the High Times or American Medical Journal, it could be best of the above.

Major investment companies and banks are quietly, and some not so quietly, researching the gold rush for marijuana also known as the Green Rush. There can be many strong prospects as well as the massive pitfalls. Therefore, investors should not forget to look at CFA Society San Francisco for an educational event to know more about the topic from recognized pioneers on cannabis market research, regulation and investment, including G-Pel International CEO. The event Chairperson will be Lynne Gravelle Mosier, while panelists include Tim Morland, Troy Dayton and Morgan Paxhia.

Morland has extensive knowledge of the overall California legislative procedure. Arcview is a top source of investment deal flow in the growing cannabis industry and active in analysis and market research. Dayton is frequently mentioned in the NYTimes, Fortune, CNN, Washington Post, Fox, Bloomberg, CNBC and NPR.

President and CEO of G-Pel International said that it marks a great opportunity for them to become educated on the recent California Cannabis regulations and trends. It is his job to navigate company through this highly regulated market, and being well informed and educated is the best way for their firm to compete on the best levels in the industry.