G-Pel International Inc (OTCMKTS:KGET) reported that it has entered into acquisition talks with United Cannabis Retailers, Inc. The latter firm is a cannabis product advancement company. That appears to enter unserved market niches in the cannabis industry. UCR is launching their first conceptual offering of Canna-Kitchen in 2017. UCR is focused on endorsing its brands.

The details

G-Pel International continues its rapid development model by adding a product advancement firm to its acquisition plans. The company has already bought two cannabis farms and started development of a CBD and THC powder bulk sales network. Next growth phase that is planned is to enter the retail industry with edibles and other cannabis offerings at the retail level.

With the projected recreational laws expected to become effective next year, the company will have itself positioned to be a market leader throughout California. Bo Linton, the CEO of G-Pel, reported that their strategic plan to make cannabis offerings from their farms is coming together with planned targeted retail cannabis product deal.

They are strategically allied with a cannabis network that is enabling them to grow at a remarkable rate. Their objective is to be the recognized brand that is trusted as the best value and best quality for the money in cannabis offerings. The company is getting started here and analyze what they have achieved in last few months.

Michael Ferguson, the CEO of Canna-Kitchen, reported that joining G-Pel will give them a larger platform to bring their special offerings to the market in mass. They are thrilled to continue their forward growth. The advantages of aligning with this new marijuana market powerhouse are numerous. They couldn’t be more delighted. United Cannabis Retailers is launching its new product line in the market and also developing new products. It will bring benefits to all the participants involved in this deal.