GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) To Conduct Cannabis Use And Awareness Seminars

GB Sciences Inc (OTCMKTS:GBLX) says it will unveil some new medical cannabis products in a matter of months. This business guru believes it is good to educate Louisiana pharmacists and physicians about the products. The company’s subsidiary GB Sciences Louisiana is making preparations to conduct educative seminars starting August. It will cooperate with the LSU AgCenter and several state-approved medical cannabis pharmacies in conducting the sessions.

The program

Louisiana’s medical cannabis program seeks to encourage more active participation of the pharmacists and physicians in the program. Those that have a direct touch with cannabis patients at the point of sale will find the program quite useful.

 The number of patients in need of cannabis products continues to rise with time because of the associated benefits. These patients will need to make a lot of consultations in order to understand the product better. The participating parties will be prepared adequately to answer all questions that might arise.

The President of GB Sciences Louisiana John Davis opines, “We want to help healthcare professionals understand the potency of our formulations, how to best recommend our products and the evidence-based approach that influenced and supports their design and use.”

Dr. Andrea’s thoughts

The Director of GB Sciences who is also its Chief Science Officer Dr. Andrea Small-Howard has spoken about the matter. He reveals that they will make presentations of the placebo-controlled human clinical trial data in a random way. The target will be to make an illustration of the safety of the products. Asides from that, they will also be about illustrating the medical cannabis-based therapies potential efficacy. Experts say that the products will have to adhere to the approved medical conditions in the state of Louisiana.

Tutorials will also focus on showcasing the recommended dosage and usage of new medical cannabis products. Dr. Small-Howard advises cannabis patients to start by taking low doses of the products initially. As time progresses, they will be free to increase the dose in bits until they achieve the desired level of relief. The official says that they will be welcoming more personalized approaches towards helping patients in need. According to him, the ingredients in the products have different effects on different patients.

By Steven Russell

Steve covers business and investing in emerging medical marijuana markets. Steve graduated from the university of New Orleans with a degree in Broadcast Journalism. Steve has published several articles in professional journals and magazines. His experience gives readers an inside look at the intersection of his specialties, business and medical marijuana.

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