Glance Technologies Inc (OTCMKTS:GLNNF) is the business  that has successfully run Glance Pay since its introduction. As a matter of fact, Glance Pay is a payment mechanism that has impacted the experience of smartphone users a huge deal. Most of them easily access digital receipts and also enjoy amazing shopping experiences. It was today that the business guru spoke in relation to the most recent voting exercise.

A close outlook

This business guru is currently the topmost startup in Vancouver. A large number of the Georgia Straight readers voted in its favor and it looks forward to better times ahead. It says that the latest recognition is a significant addition to the expanding list of awards it has been receiving over the years.

In making its latest statement, Glance outlined that the recent achievement was indeed a great honor. It admits that the competition among the various startups in the sector has been stiff and in fact it doesn’t comprehend how it rose to the top position.

The startup thanks all the restaurateurs and restaurants that have always been major supporters to the Glance Pay. It has been particular about it outlining both Banana Leaf and Naam Restaurant who have always been there offering outstanding support.

The turn of events

Glance Technologies Inc also today gave updates regarding its most recent activities. Its main areas of focus were technology development, investor outreach and above all sales and marketing.

Desmond Griffin is the current CEO of the company. The official gave his speech in several investor conferences. One of them was the Global Chinese Financial Forum. The other one was the MoneyShow which according to sources took place in Toronto.

Sources indicate that all the officials that attended the conference received the presentations quite well. The company got the opportunity to learn from the various perspectives of the investment advisors presents. The others that attended the event were potential partners and institutional investors.

The business giant puts its shareholders first and it was a good thing listening to their various requests. Most of them leant and understood the company’s plans about the future and the progress made so far.