Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GLDFF) Announces The Receipt of City Regulatory License for Portland based Extraction Facility

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GLDFF) has announced the receipt of city regulatory license for the Portland, Oregon based extraction facility. Following the grant of the license, the company will operate the extraction equipment.

Extraction Equipment Becomes Operational

The production team of Golden Leaf has begun the operation of extraction equipment. The team is now engaged in validating the production capacity.

Chief Executive Officer of Golden Leaf, William Simpson said the coming few days are vital for the company to know the company’s capability. The sales team will go for market penetration and stage price decisions on completing the validation process.

Golden Leaf to Commence Production from July 19, 2018

Golden Leaf has staged a decision to operate the extraction facility for the extraction of hemp oil in Portland with effective from July 19, 2018. The company has extraction equipment in an area spanning 7,000 sq. ft. The efforts are on now to validate the extraction equipment. The company may add additional machinery after assessing the demand.

CEO said since the hurdles are finally over, the company will now focus on the development and testing of products and unveil the good quality produce in the market. Golden Leaf will now be able to leverage the experienced production team to unveil innovative products. It will step up the R&D efforts in cannabis extraction.

The company has recently introduced cannabis infused and all natural fruit chews to meet the strong demand. The new products feature ingredients such as goji berry, acai, vitamin B Complex, and maca root.

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd Unveils Innovative Cannabis Concentrates in Nevada

Greenpoint Nevada, a subsidiary of Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd., has introduced a number of cannabis concentrates in Nevada. Following the legalization of cannabis, the sales of cannabis for adult use have increased considerably in Nevada.

The tax revenues are expected surpass through $120 million in mid 2019. Golden Leaf is selling its products through over half of the dispensaries located in Nevada.

Brief Information about Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd conducts its business operations in Canada, Nevada, and Oregon. The company distributes the products via 3rd party dispensaries and the branded chalice farms.

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