Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GLDFF) Obtains License To Run Its Business Operations In The Portland Facility

Golden Leaf Holdings Ltd (OTCMKTS:GLDFF) will from now henceforth be able to freely operate its Portland extraction facility. That was after Oregon Liquor Control Commission served it with a license.

A close look into the latest developments

An official working with this company admits that it had been a rather demanding licensing and permitting process. However, he was glad that they had accomplished their goal and now it was about continuing with the cannabis oil extraction activities.

In less than a week the business guru expects to receive its final permitting from the City of Portland. It has already made projections about its much anticipated production yields. Soon it will direct its focus to the extraction equipment.

The company might at some point be compelled to add more equipment in a bid to boost its production capacity. It will embark on this activity as soon as possible since sooner or later the market conditions might be warranting it.

Future expectations and Simpson’s perspective

Golden Leaf sees the city building permit as a major boost since it is the start point towards the production of oil and extract products. It hopes to observe the highest levels of quality and consistency.

In line with its vertical integration strategy, the business giant might be in a position to achieve improved margins in this state aside from optimizing its supply chain. It will also be seeking to expand its product offerings and all this is happening at a time when business dynamics tend to be shifting quite fast.

The current CEO of Golden Leaf Holdings is called William Simpson and he has been speaking elaborately regarding the company’s facility. He believes it is what they need to do in their efforts to unveil their new and exciting products in a market characterized by stiff competition.

He opined, “Golden Leaf is committed to developing, testing, and introducing the highest-quality products into the marketplace, reliably, responsibly and efficiently. After months of regulatory hurdles, we are excited that this long-awaited milestone has been achieved, and we look forward to utilizing our production capabilities as intended.”

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