Green Cures & Botanical Distribution Inc (OTCMKTS:GRCU) has formed a strategic association with Elev8 Brands, Inc (OTCMKTS:VATE) in preparation for the imminent release of its ‘Hollywood Hills™’ coffee product line. The company selected Elev8 as their partner to introduce a selected blend of specialty coffee. Their leading manufacturer possesses an facility that is British Retail Consortium and Fair Trade-Certified obtained with organically-cultivated coffee beans.

The details

The retail value of the United States coffee market is projected to be $48 billion with the specialty market constituting almost 55% of this figure. Coffee is just more than popular: it’s global. No other drink is as respected or revered. Michael Lajtay, the CEO of Green Cures, said that their Hollywood Hills™ coffee product line will feature numerous flavors counting an extra-strength formula that offers an added caffeine boost coffee advocates will enjoy globally.

Hollywood Hills™ products follow the highest quality standards and Fair-Trade certifications which are requirements for leading retail customers where they plan to have the ‘Hollywood Hills™’ brand in the shops.

With the release of Hollywood Hills™ brand coffee the firms are in talks to advance a hemp-derived, CBD infused coffee brand of Hollywood Hills™ that will have the health advantages of hemp-obtained extracts with the extra-strength coffee blend.

The CEO of Green Cures mentioned that they are excited to release the coffee brand line of Hollywood Hills™ that will comprise of an array of uniquely caffeinated and flavorful coffees. As they reach national and regional distribution they are thrilled to pursue releases of hemp-based coffees in segments of no or little peers and massive potential for growth.

In the last trading session, the stock price of Green Cures traded in a range of 0.017 to 0.021, and later closed the day at $0.019. The traded share volume stood at 3.30 million compared to average share volume of 2.11 million.

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