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Grow Condos Inc (OTCMKTS:GRWC) Initiates Permitting Procedure For Build Out of Nuggetville Asset

Grow Condos Inc (OTCMKTS:GRWC) reported that the firm has finally locked in the terms to advance on the Nuggetville Assignment. As per the secured deal, the firm will be receiving engineering programs for submission to the City of Eugene for the supplying of building licenses. The Nuggetville asset comprises of an ultimately 33 units advanced warehouse, advanced to be 1,500 square feet each. After closure the asset will comprise of a projected 50,000 square feet, turning one of the territory’s main customized cannabis production centers.

The highlights

Extending to 2.65 acres in the leading Pioneer Business Park in Oregon, the advanced 33 individual warehouse segments are planned to be custom built by different contractor, Nering Construction, LLC of Oregon. Nering is a permitted dealer of premium steel structures from General Steel of Littleton, CO, from whom the firm will be buying the core units.

Wayne Zallen, the CEO of Grow Condos, said that they are extremely pleased to expand in this growing segment of the industry. This new asset will offer company a great prospect to offer tailored space for processing and production in a market ripe with cultivators aggressively looking for suitable solutions. He concluded that they firmly consider that the greatest prospect for a high level of success is at the point where opportunity and timing meet. At this phase in the cannabis industry, it’s clear that the revenue opportunities here can be exponential.

The firm recently reported that a leading surveying and engineering company had been retained, Geomax, Inc. of Cottage Grove. It is an entity well equipped to handle the assignment, and an acquaintance with the City of Eugene establishing code requirements in order to allow maximum efficiency. The basic plans and the property can be seen on the Grow Condos site. All interested parties are encouraged to be included to the waiting list.

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