Growlife Inc (OTCMKTS:PHOT) reported the creation of an indoor cultivation industry advisory board, which is planned to help assess industry-related business prospects for the firm. The initial advisory board members comprise William Andreozzi, who is the ex CTO of Weedmaps; William Blackburn, the CEO of EZ-CLONE; Corey Buffkin, the Director and Founder of Cultivation of Greenman Cannabis; and, Chris Herghelegiu, the investor in numerous industry-related grow operations.

The highlights

Marco Hegyi, the Chairman and CEO of GrowLife, reported that they have admired and known these admired individuals for years and decided it was time for them to establish a team of such experts. Each member has demonstrated leadership in their firms and now to have them lead GrowLife instills greater confidence in company’s future.

Bill, an experienced technology executive, is passionate about using unique technologies to solve intricate issues. He’s the type of individual that will assist with an idea, define the solution, and fearlessly face the challenge.

Growlife said that Blackburn is the designer of the EZ-CLONE Plant Cloning mechanism and President of EZ-CLONE/ Founder Enterprises Inc. He has extensive experience working in the hydroponic industry, and specializes in aeroponic propagation with experience in distribution, retail sales and manufacturing. His latest cloning mechanism can grow more than 500 crops in parallel.

Buffkin owns and managed approved marijuana businesses in Nevada, Oregon and Colorado. One of his indoor businesses in Colorado comprises nearly 120,000 square feet. The industry awards also identify his production quality; make him knowledgeable in the retail side of the cannabis business and well versed in large-scale grow initiatives.

Growlife said that Herghelegiu brings extensive experience and non-stop energy from different companies in the cannabis industry that he has contributed and led to extraction, cultivation, technology, patient acquisition and product development. He has held distinct roles in each operation from shareholder to CEO.