GW Pharmaceuticals PLC- ADR (NASDAQ:GWPH) CEO To Present At The Annual Healthcare Conference

GW Pharmaceuticals PLC- ADR (NASDAQ:GWPH) CEO Justin Gover will present at the upcoming Cowen and Company Annual Healthcare Conference on March 8, 2017. Several new drugs and therapies are being advanced at a rapidly increasing pace in the Cannabidiol market such as the application of phytocannabinoids to avoid an array of numerous medical conditions and ailments.

As increasing number of states have approved medicinal marijuana applications in the United States and Canada, Cannabis firms involved in research and development activities in cannabinoid medicinal applications and clinical studies continue to move ahead despite the Federal indications of a likely crack down on recreational pot use.

Biotech and cannabis stocks with latest industry developments comprise GW Pharmaceuticals and many other firms like Earth Science Tech and Insys Therapeutics.

The buzz

GW Pharmaceuticals proclaims itself as a biopharmaceutical corporation that engages in discerning, advancing, and commercializing CBD prescription medicines. It works through three divisions: Sativex Research & Development and Pipeline R&D. The firm mainly offers Sativex, which an oromucosal spray for the cure of spasticity occurring as a side-effect to multiple sclerosis.

GW Pharmaceutical is also focused on the Phase 3 clinical development plan of Sativex for application in the cure of cancer pain; and Phase II studies in other indications, like neuropathic pain. Additionally, the firm’s product pipeline comprises Epidiolex, a cure for Lennox-Gastaut syndrome and Dravet syndrome, as well as other offerings in Phase I and II clinical advancement for the cure of glioma, type-2 diabetes, schizophrenia and adult epilepsy.

It has its work spread in the United Kingdom, Europe, Canada, Asia and the United States. The company was instituted in 1998 and is based in the United Kingdom.

In the last trading session, the stock price of GW Pharmaceuticals over 1% to close the session at $128.99. The market cap of firm stands at $2.81 billion.

By Emily Gibson

Emily is a graduate from Chicago with a B.A. in Business and Economics. Emily specializes in the biotech and health care sector, but also has a penchant for medical marijuana stocks, mining, retail, and automotive stocks, as well as personal finance and macroeconomic topics of interest.

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