Halo Labs Inc (OTCMKTS:AGEEF) says it won’t be business as usual for its Oregon business unit (“ANM”). According to the company, the unit is set to generate orders worth $1.8 million. If all moves according to plan, the unit might generate sales totaling to $539,000.

Explaining the rise in sales

The company says the rise in sales orders may be partly to do with consumers stockpiling vape products. They may have done that upon fears that Oregon would, at some point, place a ban on these products.

However, the generated revenue will be at a figure lower than $1.8 million. Analysts project that it might be somewhere around $1.4 million.

Halo Labs has the figure for the revenues of the first six months ended June 30, 2019. The report shows the average unaudited monthly revenues standing at about $948,579.An official working with the company but who wanted his identity kept anonymous said that they have sufficient inventory. To him, there was no cause for alarm since that inventory would see them fulfill the high level of orders.

Projections into the future

This company is looking forward to generating a great harvest from its Evans Creek grow site. A good harvest will be a production of about 15,000 pounds (6,800 Kilos) of dry weight cannabis. It seeks to obtain usable cannabis that will be beneficial to users.

A ban wouldn’t mean well for the company since it will result in revenue losses. The company hopes the ban won’t be imposed in Oregon. This would translate to a continued rise in sales.

Halo has also unveiled a direct marketing campaign to the various licensed dispensaries within Oregon. In this particular regard, it has outlined a wide range of benefits associated with the DabTabsTM product line. These benefits by far surpass those associated with the conventional vape cartridges.

Over the coming few weeks, Halo will take on unveiling another similar campaign to all dispensaries in California.

Halo’s CEO has given his remarks regarding the looming ban. He opines, “I encourage the state of Oregon to focus its actions and messaging to curtail black market activities and not to impose a ban on licensed manufacturers.”