Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that company’s robust infrastructure is in place to offer solutions to President Donald Trump’s order on enhancing agriculture and rural prosperity in U.S.

The buzz

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO, expressed that they invite President’s Task Force to come and visit company’s milling and decortication facility which company established from the ground up. The North Carolina facility took over three years and vast investment to complete.

President Trump has said a Task Force to boost agriculture in numerous ways. For example, section four of the order, states the Task Force shall identify regulatory, legislative and policy changes to encourage in rural America economic development, agriculture, infrastructure improvements, job growth, energy security, quality of life and technological innovation, including changes that eliminate obstacles to quality of life and economic prosperity in rural America and expand and strengthen educational prospects for students in rural communities, especially in agricultural education.

It is what they have been performing through their Hemp University educational symposiums and the company’s model small family farm. Perlowin added that President’s Task Force or any participant thereof should actually visit Hemp’s industrial hemp decortication & milling facility in North Carolina.

The small family farm has vanished from the American landscape. Hemp’s model family farm is based on 5 acres and comprises of a greenhouse, a cloning room and 5,000 hemp crops. By showing farmers the way to cultivate high Cannabinoid hemp crops, manage a greenhouse and turn a shed into a cloning room to get $500,000 yearly, the small family farm can resurface in the American landscape.

Eventually, the initial small family farms were able to survive economically by cultivating hemp as their prime cash crop and the preliminary five presidents of the U.S. were all hemp farmers. Hemp’s infrastructure is completely aligned with what the President is trying to achieve with this Task Force.