Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) has finalized a deal, formalizing an association with One Step Vending, Corp., with a focus on the self-serve vending market. As per the deal, the company will create innovative hemp oil-based consumer offerings particularly or sale via One Step Vending, Corp.’s permitted, existing kiosks or micro markets around the nation. Hemp will also offer general industry specific business direction to One Step Vending, Corp, which will be done at the public level.

The details

Bruce Perlowin, the CEO of Hemp, reported that One Step Vending, Corp. is getting real business offerings to the vending market with its micro-markets that are moving traditional vending machines. They are thrilled to create unique hemp oil-based offerings particularly for One Step Vending, Corp. and offering their expertise in manufacturing and producing both consumer and industrial hemp oil-based products.

Ultimately, this association will result in increased customer access of hemp oil-based offerings through self-serve kiosks in corporate offices across the nation. It is an extremely innovative distribution channel that will support the buzzing CBD market which is projected to hit $2.1 billion in customer sales by 2020.

By Hemp being entrenched in the industrial hemp division, with the leading operational versatile industrial hemp processing unit in the western hemisphere, the company possesses the ability to accommodate growing demand as the CBD market grows. Thus, there exists immense economic opportunities for Hemp and One Step Vending, Corp. Both the companies are presently collaborating on project programs, including costs, timeline, legalities and product design.

Daniel Garfinkel, the CEO of One Step Vending, expressed that Cannabinoid is a natural constituent of the hemp crop and has been demonstrated to have positive health advantages, without resulting in negative psychoactive effects. They consider this association with Hemp will allow them to create a powerhouse on the distribution aspect of Cannabinoid offerings and enable them to meet the growing demand for hemp oil-based offerings.