Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that its strategic growing associate named “Veteran Village Kins Community Arizona, Inc.,” has concluded its final site plan blueprints for its site in Golden Valley, Arizona. The site plan has been sent to the Mohave County Building Department for review. The firm is also in the closing stages of completing the required infrastructure to develop an off-grid, renewable, energy system. The rest of the solar equipment is projected to arrive in the imminent few days, concluding the site’s solar power operation.

The details

Dwight Jory, the Project Manager for Hemp’s associate, expressed that they are extremely delighted with their progress. Their Kins Community is really starting to come together. In anticipation of planting to commence after the first of the year, 16 overnight trailer park locations are under construction, 300 acres have been fenced, and six 40×40-feet organic vegetable gardens are set for seasonal planting.

Out of the six geodesic domes stated in a previous press release, the first one is structurally complete with just the plumbing and electrical work to be completed. The remaining are on site awaiting approval. Jory expressed that they are now accepting volunteers who have shown an interest in helping to establish the first Kins Community for their veterans. Those interested in making the preliminary hemp cultivating Cannbinoid-producing “Veteran Village Kins Community” turned a reality should approach Ms. Sandra Williams via email.


Hemp reported that 1000 tress on 36 acres of the 500-acres have been planted, with an additional one thousand trees on order. The site plan of “Veteran Village Kins Community” also comprises a 100,000 sq. foot GMP acquiescent, central processing plant, Cannabidiol testing laboratory, and numerous wellness and health centers to help veterans who may have emotional, health or psychological issues. Veteran Village Kins Community and Hemp started development approximately 5 years ago.