Hemp Inc (OTCMKTS:HEMP) reported that the firm is set to cultivate up to 25,000 acres of industrial hemp in 2018, thus making North Carolina the epicenter of the Industrial Hemp market. As per company representatives, this area to be cultivated is more than the quantity that the entire country cultivated last year alone. This significant amount of acreage is projected to improve farmer profitability and support the overall economy by paving up way for new revenue streams in the segment for buyers and farmers looking for premium quality products.

The buzz

Bruce Perlowin, who is the Chief Executive Officer of Hemp, reported that North Carolina is quickly turning into the ‘Epicenter of the Industrial Hemp Market’ with organizations across the state claiming their part in the cannabis and hemp industries and immense educational opportunities. They are also seeing more firms focus on certain niches. For instance, Founder’s Hemp, a North Carolina based firm has introduced a line of beauty offerings intended at customers of color. North Carolina is even base to the single Hemp University that helps participants add profitable and viable income streams by increasing their per-acre crop revenue.

Due to the remarkable success of Hemp’s Hemp University Master Grow Team, a grow consulting segment has been set to further the University’s objective to help farmers and landowners incorporate hemp into their plant rotation. Hemp University’s consulting segment, “Hemp University Grow”, emphasizes on the advancement of grow room facilities, outdoor hemp farming, greenhouses and cannabidiol extraction operations.

Famous as the Mastery Grow Team, this group of hemp growers gets the benefit of distinct resource sharing and operational synergies. Hemp University’s professional staff helps prevent cultivators from imbalances and costly mistakes that can reduce yield, consistency and quality. The seventh educational symposium was planned to be held on March 10, 2018.