HempAmericana Inc (OTCMKTS:HMPQ) has completed the modern green house installation at Maine based genetic seedstock augmentation facility.

The company has acquired a seven-acre farm in February 2018 as announced earlier to conduct the engineering operations for cultivating high potency seed stock for CBD production in the near future. The green house installation is vital for CBD production. The company will now start the seed development.

Salvador Rosillo, Chief Executive Officer of HempAmericana said the new greenhouse installation holds blue chip hemp strains. It needs some more steps and currently on schedule to achieve the augmentation objectives.

He further said, the company has a vision for the CBD market in 2017 and it is well aware of maintaining healthy finances for investment and long term dominance. The establishment of green house installation in Maine is a proof of that vision. The company is expecting a massive growth in this segment.

HempAmericana already purchased quality hemp flower for CBD production in 2018. The seed augmentation facility will pay rich dividends in the future.

CEO of HempAmericana Inc to Give an Update on Expansion Efforts During Stock Day Podcast

CEO of HempAmericana, Salvador Rosillo has discussed the expansion efforts of the company during a Stock Day Podcast at an Uptick Newswire.

The company has recently purchased a 10 acre property in Augusta, Maine for housing an organic garlic farm. It is ideal for cultivating industrial hemp on a large scale. It is planning to multiple products on this land.

The recently purchased carbon dioxide extractor machine having a capacity of 245 liters is now functional in the warehouse. The company is expected to start the production shortly. It is planning to produce powdered isolates and CBD oils as flagship products.

HempAmericana Inc Announces Completion of 99% bottling equipment installation

HempAmericana Inc is pleased to announce that it is in the final stage of completing the bottling equipment installation at its CBD Oil extraction and production facility based in Augusta, Maine.

Brief Information HempAmericana Inc

HempAmericana Inc is engaged in the R&D and sale of products manufactured using industrial hemp. The company also sells non hemp based products.