IMD Inc (OTCMKTS:ICBU) Subsidiary To Strike A Major PVC Pipe Supply Deal With India

IMD Inc (OTCMKTS:ICBU) is a corporation in Florida that pays focus on boosting shareholder value. It achieves its set objectives through embracing methodologies that impact its business growth by a significant margin. Currently, the business targets forming new alliances which it believes will help it achieve more earnings and revenues. LCG Plastic sees its agreement with the Government of India as a major step forward.

Current state of affairs

LCG Plastic, one of the best performing subsidiaries of the business giant recently made a huge step forward. The company expressed its excitement outlining that LCG Plastic was at the verge of striking an agreement with India. Market observers applauded LCG Plastic for getting to the final due diligence facet with the Indian Government. LCG Plastic now looks forward to the manufacture of large volumes of the PVC Pipes in readiness for supply.

Reports indicate that it has been concentrating on the manufacturing exercise over the past several months. The reports further indicate that the business is currently undertaking the final steps in the signing of the contract.

The company’s management at the moment undertakes calculations to determine the actual amount required in line with the manufacture. In doing these calculations, it considers the amount of materials required. It targets fulfilling the order no matter what comes its way.

A closer outlook

A person well conversant with the matter outlines that the contract impacts IMD. According to him, IMD will soon become a fully reporting company .This has to do with fast-rising revenues associated with the business as time progresses.

IMD has in several instances summoned its legal team. The company calls upon LCG Plastech to work on the final details in line with the contract in question. The legal team has given bout a statement outlining that it has already completed the verification exercise. If al moves according to plan, they are optimistic in November they will give shareholders some great news.

IMD Companies, Inc through its spokesperson outlines that soon it will be filing the third quarter financials. The spokesperson revealed that the filing would be with the OTC Markets.

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