INNOVATIV MEDIA/SH NEW (OTCMKTS:INMG) today moved ahead to unleash its Financial Statements for the year ended 2017 and there are a number of things that are coming out clearly. The first notable aspect is the fact that the revenues for the year went up by about 19%.The other thing was that the assets of the company rose by about $158,330.

A number of people have been making a close follow up seeking to get an explanation for the results obtained. An official working with the company came out to clear the air surrounding the matter. He outlined that what kept driving the company’s revenues higher was fundamentally the content licensing.

The bottom line is that the new platforms were not unveiled until towards the end of the year but it is also worth noting that they are not expected to pull along with any material impact until 2018 arrives.

The CEO of Innovativ Media Tom Coleman after attending a business conference recently addressed several analysts and from his statement it was clear to tell that 2017 had turned out to be a year of significant progress for the company. They managed to make several acquisitions and that is indeed a clear pointer to the fact that they were on the right track towards improving their rankings in the market.

The top official went further to outline that in their many years of developing, producing and distributing entertainment as well as other forms of multi-media content they came face to face with serious barriers. However, they were able to maneuver through the ruts to get to where they are at the moment.

Coleman has said that they won’t stop in their efforts to provide diverse content to adding that the CannaNet.TV platform will be quite instrumental in helping them achieve their set objectives.

There are many under-served brands and advertisers and the company will be seeking out to expose them within the cannabis community. There are many plans underway and all of them are centered towards helping the company scale higher and be able to compete effectively in a market characterized by stiff competition.