Kali-Extracts, Inc Provides Updates Regarding Its Business Activities With Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA)

Kali-Extracts, Inc says it will continue early next week provide the corporate update regarding its latest business operations. The business guru takes pride in its latest co-operation with Puration Inc (OTCMKTS:PURA) terming it a fruitful one.

A closer outlook at the business developments

The business guru disclosed details about the presentation early today outlining the major developments achieved with Puration. Generex Biotechnology, Inc is also part of the latest developments. All the involved parties exude great confidence in the success of the Hemp4mula product.

KALY conducted the vitro genomics study objectively. It sought to discover the impact of a wide range of therapies with its cannabis extracts. It says at the extracts are pharmaceutical grade and believes will provide top-notch results.

Market observers applauded the favorable results. The unveiling of the physiological study has got everything to do with these results. The company intends to release the comprehensive results in this quarter.

The turn of events

The World Health Organization today gave a statement in which it disclosed details regarding the affected persons worldwide.

The body estimates that almost 65 million people struggle with moderate to severe COPD. On the other hand, GlobalData estimates that by 2025 the COPD treatment market will have hit the $14.1 billion mark.

Goldman Small Cap Research provides an estimate of the company’s cannabis pharmaceutical value. KALY’s future looks bright.

The report clearly shows both the potential as well as the current positioning of KALY. It also depicts its upcoming milestones.

KALY undertook elaborate consultations before finally making a move to license its extraction process to PURA. Things seem to be working well for PURA. Its EVERx CBD Sports Water sales are on the rise, growing at significant proportions.

Currently, the two companies are in talks. They seek to join hands in the development of a 25 MG CBD formula. Their goal is to develop a leading CBD infused water product. The talks will culminate in the two signing a $1 million agreement focused on the production of CBD infused water.

The company leaves no stones unturned to put the GNBT product on the shelves as soon as possible.

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