Kona Gold Solutions Inc (OTCMKTS:KGKG) has today disclosed details about its new deal with AlaBev.This business partner operates from Alabama, and it has agreed to distribute Kona’s products in the state.

The benefits of the agreement

This is an important move for Kona Gold, which will have its wide-ranging drinks sold in Alabama.

AlaBev has always been an objective company engaging in importation and the direct store delivery business activities. Some of the products it has been distributing include spirits, cider, beer, wine, spirits, and free alcoholic beverages. Its performance in the State of Alabama has been impressive. The business giant has been here for over 100 years, and most of the time, it has been vibrant.

Kilpatrick’s perspective

AlaBev Matt Kilpatrick, who is the current CEO of AlaBev, likes the progress made so far. He thinks that this is a higher notch for the beverage sector considering the important changes sweeping across. For instance, science and innovation are resulting in major impressive changes. He likes it that brands like Kona Gold now have the opportunity to make a triumphant entry into the markets. They have taken up the deal and won’t be looking back. The official looks forward to brighter times ahead. He expresses confidence that the products from Kona will be received quite well by customers.

Clark’s thoughts

The CEO of Kona Gold Solutions Robert Clark is the other leader that has spoken concerning the developments. He says that it is a good thing that they have the chance to expand their market share within the beverage segment.

He looks forward to supporting the company in its quest to partner with leading distributors such as AlaBev. This official says that he considered this distributor’s experience before deciding to partner with it in business. He is optimistic that the company will have a lot to gain from the deal.

Kona Gold has been observing high standards in coming up with its diverse products. These products will be available in various stores throughout Alabama. Business dynamics are fast-changing, and it is good to move with the times. It seeks to resort to all the available means in sharpening its competitive edge. The company’s team has been showing a lot of dedication, and this will also help a great deal.